Media Relations

• Press Releases   • Features & Interviews   • CSR Initiatives   • Press Conferences

Priya DSouza Communications (PDC) offers various media relations services such as creating and distributing press releases, organizing press conferences and working on media campaigns and messaging in Qatar. Our company also advises in-house communications teams on how to work with media and maximize exposure.

PDC’s understanding of the media in Qatar and strong media network ensures our clients benefit from significant media exposure and relevant editorial coverage, also making our clients sought after by media for expert opinions and comments.



Press releases are an effective way to communicate information about upcoming events or important news. They help you get in touch with the community via media and showcase your events or recent developments, and get your organization publicity.

PDC creates press releases in English and Arabic, and distributes them to local media in Qatar.


36,000 QRper year
  • 12 press releases (1 a month)
  • English/Arabic – up to 1,000 words long


66,000 QRper year
  • 24 press releases (2 a month)
  • English/Arabic – up to 1,000 words long


110,400 QRper year
  • 48 press releases (4 a month)
  • English/Arabic – up to 1,000 words long


There is a lack of original content in Qatar because organizations prefer to send out press releases or bombard the press with interview requests. Here are some ways our agency can help you to get attention for your organization through the media.

Help you be part of a bigger news story: It is important to consider media requests for interviews that feature broader topics where your organization is only part of the story. PDC can assist with responses for your organization or pitching stories to the media for your organization that showcase your expertise and make it interesting for the media to want to feature you.

Product reviews and Case Studies: Product reviews are a great way of getting your organization attention. PDC can help write a review that media can then tweak to suit their needs. Case Studies showcasing your organization’s services can be written by PDC. They are interesting to other businesses as well as readers, can be stand-alone pieces or part of a bigger story the media is interested in.

CSR initiatives & Sponsorships: Media is happy to cover CSR initiatives making a strong impact on the community and setting an example. PDC can assist with original ideas when thinking of causes your organization can support. Sponsoring events is yet another way to get your brand/organization recognition. PDC can make sure it is relevant to your audience.

Features & Interviews

48,000 QRper year
  • 10 annual interviews/features in Qatari media



A press conference is a means to generate news – in particular, hard news that can throw a spotlight on your organization. PDC needs a minimum time of two weeks to organize a successful press conference.

In addition there can be various additional services included in the above offer, depending on client requirements.

• Venue and related ancillary services (catering, lights, AV, furniture, lectern, teleprompter, etc.)
• Preparing client panel for conference with rehearsals
• Scripts for each panel participant for press conference
• Moderator/interpreter in English/Arabic for media (with or without translation booth with headsets)
• Video of the event (edited down – 30 seconds to 4 minutes) for client’s website, social media
• Gifts for attending media

Above additional costs TBD based on client selection of the different offers available (to be shared with client).