Qatar’s business landscape at its highest echelons is an extremely tightly knit group, with individuals simultaneously owning or sitting on boards of numerous companies. We researched the top businessmen at 74 companies in Qatar and came up with a list of 264 individuals sitting on the boards or owning these companies. (In a previous iteration, the most powerful families in Qatar were looked at) Below you can see an enormous info-graphic of how it all connects for the biggest of these players - there's a lot to take in.*You can click on the image in order to make it bigger and easier to read or pinch to zoom in if you're reading this on your phone. 

A visual database of Qatar's top businessmen

The listing below includes all the businessmen displayed on the infographic above and can be used as a useful identification tool for all aspiring businessmen.

Abdulrahman Abdullah Al Abdulghani

Vice Chairman: UDC
Board Member: QIB

Abdulrahman Abduljaleel Al Abdulghani

Vice Chairman: Abdul Abdulghani & Bros, Qatar Islamic Insurance Company

Nasser Abdulghani Al Abdulghani

Chairman: Abdul Abdulghani & Bros

Ashraf Abu Issa

Chairman: Abu Issa Holding

Hussam Abdul Salam Abu Issa

Vice Chairman: Salam International
Board Member: Doha Insurance
Owns: 8.6% of Salam International

Issa Abdul Salam Abu Issa

Chairman: Salam International
Owns: 13.7% of Salam International

Salah bin Ghanim Al Ali

Minister: Culture and Sports
Chairman: Barwa

Akbar Al Baker

CEO: Qatar Airways
Vice Chairman:
Vodafone Qatar

Nabeel Mohammed Al Buenain

CEO: Qatari Diar
Board Member:

Ali Shareef Al Emadi
Minister: Finance
Chairman: QNB, Qatar Airways
Vice Chairman: Ooredoo
Board Member: Qatar Foundation, QP, QIA

Mohammed A.K. Al Emadi
CEO: Al Emadi Holding

Ali Hussain Al Fardan

Vice Chairman: Al Fardan Group
Board Member: UDC

Hussain Ibrahim Al Fardan
Chairman: Al Fardan Group
Vice Chairman: Commercial Bank of Qatar
Board Member: Qatar Insurance

Omar Hussain Al Fardan

CEO: Al Fardan Group
Board Member: Commercial Bank of Qatar

Nasser Rashid Sraiya Al-Kaabi

Vice Chairman: QIMD
Board Member: Qatar Islamic Bank

Rasheed Nasser Al Kaabi

Vice Chairman: Sraiya Group
Board Member: QIIC, QIIB

Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi

Chairman: Industries Qatar, Qatargas
Board Member: Qatar Petroleum, QIA

Turki Mohammed Al Khater

Chairman: UDC
President: General Retirement and Pension Authority
Board Member: Ooredoo

Mohamed Ali Al Kubaisi

Vice Chairman: Mazaya
Board Member: QIPCO, Mannai

Ali Ahmad Al Kuwari

Board Member: Milaha, Nakilat

Ghanim Sultan Al Kuwari

Chairman: Investment Holding
Owns: 26.2% of Investment Holding

Abdullah Saleh Al Mana

Chairman: Redco Construction – Almana

Hisham Saleh Al Mana

Chairman: Al Mana

Omar Hamad Al Mana

Chairman: Al Mana Group

Saud Omar Al Mana

Vice Chairman: Al Mana Group
Board Member: ZAD Holding, Doha Insurance

Abdul Rahman Essa Al Mannai

Chairman: Teyseer Group

Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Mannai

Vice Chairman: Industries Qatar
Board Member: Mesaieed

Abdulla Fahad Al Marri

Chairman: Qatar First Bank

Nasser Jaralla Al Marri 

Chairman: Masraf Al Rayan
Board Member: UDC, Vodafone Qatar

Abdullah Nasser Al Misnad

Chairman: Vodafone Qatar, The Investors
Vice Chairman: Al Khalij Commercial Bank

Issa Mohamed Al Mohannadi

Vice Chairman: Barwa
Board Member: Qatar Airways

Rashid Fahad Al Naimi

Chairman: Mazaya
Board Member: Vodafone Qatar

Salem bin Butti Al Nuaimi

Chairman: National Cement Company
Vice Chairman: National Leasing

Ali Mohamed Al Obaidli

Chairman: Widam Food

Khalifa Khalid Al Rabban

Chairman: Al Rabban Holding

Ali Hussain Al Sada

Owns: 10% of Dlala
Board Member: QNB, Dlala

Mohammed Saleh Al Sada

Minister: Energy and Industry
: QEWC, Nakilat, Qatar Petroleum
Board Member: Qatar Foundation

Jaber Hajjaj Al Shahwani

Chairman: Dlala

Ahmad Saif Al Sulaiti

Chairman: Mesaieed, Woqod
Vice Chairman: Nakilat

Jassim Saif Al Sulaiti

Minister: Transport and Communications
Vice Chairman: Qatar Rail
Board Member: Qatar Airways

Abdul Rahman Mohammed Jabor Al Thani

Chairman: Qatar Oman, Qatar Industrial Manufacturing
Board Member: Doha Bank

Abdul Rahman Nasser Jassim Al Thani

Chairman: Redco Group

Abdulla Fahad Jassem Al Thani

Chairman: Gulf Warehousing

Abdullah Nasser Khalifa Al Thani

Minister: Interior and PM
Chairman: Qatar Rail

Abdullah Ali Jabor Al Thani

Chairman: Commercial Bank of Qatar
Vice Chairman: National Bank of Oman

Abdullah Hamad Khalifa Al-Thani

Deputy Emir
Qatar Investment Authority

Abdullah Khalifa Hamad Al Thani

Chairman: QIPCO

Abdullah Hamad Khalifa Al-Thani

Chairman: Ooredoo
Vice Chairman: QNB

Abdullah Mohammed Jabor Al Thani

Chairman: Al Khaleej Takaful
Board Member: Doha Bank

Abdullah Hamad Khalifa Al-Thani

Chairman: QIIC, Medicare
Vice Chairman: Ezdan, QIIB

Abdulrahman Saud Fahad Al Thani

Chairman: QCB, QDB
Board Member: Milaha, Qatar Insurance, QNB

Ahmed Jassim Mohamed Al-Thani

Minister: Economy and Commerce
Vice Chairman: Qatar Petroleum, QIA

Ali Ghanim Ali Al Thani

Vice Chairman: Ghanem Holding
Board Member: QIB, Ooredoo

Ali Hamad Khaled Al Thani

Chairman: HBK

Fahed Mohammed Jabor Al Thani

Chairman: Doha Bank
Board Member: Al Khaleej Takaful

Faisal AbdulAziz Jassim Al Thani

Chairman: Ahli Bank

Faisal Qassim Al Thani

Chairman: Al Faisal Holding, AAmal
Owns: 28% of Aaamal

Falah Jassim Jabor Al Thani

Chairman: National Leasing
Board Member: Doha Bank

Hamad Abdulla Khalifa Al Thani

Chairman: Mannai
Board Member: QIPCO

Hamad Faisal Thani Al Thani

Chairman: Al Khalij Commercial Bank
Vice Chairman: The Investors
Board Member: Qatar Insurance, Vodafone Qatar

Jabor Hamad Jassim Al Thani

Chairman: Al Mirqab Group
Board Member: Doha Insurance

Jassim Hamad Jassim Al Thani

Chairman: Milaha, QIB
Board Member: Qatar Insurance

Khalid Khalifa Jassim Al Thani

Chairman: Qatari Diar, Gulf International
Vice Chairman: Milaha

Khalid Thani Abdullah Al Thani

Chairman: Ezdan, QIIB

Mohamed Faisal Qassim Al Thani

Vice Chairman: Al Faisal Holding, Aamal
Board Member: Al Khalij Commercial Bank

Mohammed Ali Saud Al Thani

Vice Chairman: General Insurance
Owns: 5.6% of General Insurance

Nasser Ali Saud Al Thani

Chairman: General Insurance
Vice Chairman: Ahli Bank
Owns: 6.3% of General Insurance

Nawaf Nasser Khaled Al Thani

Chairman: NBK, Doha Insurance
Board Member: Salam International

Suhaim Abdulla Khalifa Al Thani

Vice Chairman: Mannai
Board Member: QIPCO

Talal Mohammed Jabor Al Thani

Vice Chairman: ZAD Holding
Owns: 5.6% of ZAD Holding

Hassan Abdulla Hassan Al Thawadi

Secretary General: Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy
Board Member: QIIB, Qatar Rail, Katara Hospitality

Adel Ali Bin Ali

Chairman: Ali Bin Ali
Board Member: Doha Insurance, Milaha, QEWC

Bader Abdullah Darwish Fakhroo

Chairman: Darwish Holding
Board Member: QNB

Saoud Abdul Aziz Al Darwish

Vice Chairman: Darwish Holding
Board Member: Qatar Cinema

Ahmed Abdul Rahman Fakhroo

Chairman: Qatar Cinema
Board Member: Ahli Bank

Jassim Mohammed Al Jaidah

Chairman: Jaidah Group
Board Member: Qatar Insurance

Yousif Hussein Kamal

Owns: 6% of QIMD, 7.6% of Doha Insurance
Board Member: Qatar Museums

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