Other projects (Qatar & the Middle East)

What started off as in-house content creation for DPI advertising agency’s clients including – Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles, Abdullah Abdul Ghani & Bros., Gulf Air Holidays, Commercial Bank, among others – from 2005 to 2009, led to freelance work for organisations like Fitch Doha (rebranding Deek Duke Lebanon; Fuego at QSTP, Qatar); American University of Science & Technology, Lebanon; Tansiik events, Bahrain; ICOGRADA, Construction Development Company; iD; Focus Qatar, Waqif Art Centre, among others, in the form of editorial consultancy and content creation for marketing collateral, launches of in-house publications as well as events. Clients like Printec have also won tenders to organize major events (National and World Robot Olympiads 2015) based on proposals written by me. I have also assisted these clients with media relations, translation services and connected them with business opportunities in Qatar and the GCC. Have also worked with emerging market consultants like Claritage (UK) as well as independent international media on cultural and business awareness.

ClientSeveralServicesEditorial consultancy; content creation; media relations; cultural awareness and business developmentYear2010 to 2017