Qatar’s business landscape at its highest echelons is an extremely tightly knit group with the Al-Thani family dominating the scene, with individuals simultaneously owning or sitting on boards of numerous companies. We researched the top businessmen at 74 companies in Qatar and came up with a list of 264 individuals sitting on the boards or owning these companies. (In a previous iteration, the most powerful families in Qatar were looked at)Below you can see an enormous info-graphic of how it all connects for the biggest of these players - there's a lot to take in.*You can click on the image in order to make it bigger and easier to read or pinch to zoom in if you're reading this on your phone. 

A visual database of Qatar's top businessmen

The listing below includes all the businessmen displayed on the infographic above and can be used as a useful identification tool for all aspiring businessmen.

Abdulrahman Abdullah Al Abdulghani

Vice Chairman: UDC
Board Member: QIB

Abdulrahman Abduljaleel Al Abdulghani

Vice Chairman: Abdul Abdulghani & Bros, Qatar Islamic Insurance Company

Nasser Abdulghani Al Abdulghani

Chairman: Abdul Abdulghani & Bros

Ashraf Abu Issa

Chairman: Abu Issa Holding

Hussam Abdul Salam Abu Issa

Vice Chairman: Salam International
Board Member: Doha Insurance
Owns: 8.6% of Salam International

Issa Abdul Salam Abu Issa

Chairman: Salam International
Owns: 13.7% of Salam International

Salah bin Ghanim Al Ali

Minister: Culture and Sports
Chairman: Barwa

Akbar Al Baker

CEO: Qatar Airways
Vice Chairman:
Vodafone Qatar

Nabeel Mohammed Al Buenain

CEO: Qatari Diar
Board Member:

Ali Shareef Al Emadi
Minister: Finance
Chairman: QNB, Qatar Airways
Vice Chairman: Ooredoo
Board Member: Qatar Foundation, QP, QIA

Mohammed A.K. Al Emadi
CEO: Al Emadi Holding

Ali Hussain Al Fardan

Vice Chairman: Al Fardan Group
Board Member: UDC

Hussain Ibrahim Al Fardan
Chairman: Al Fardan Group
Vice Chairman: Commercial Bank of Qatar
Board Member: Qatar Insurance

Omar Hussain Al Fardan

CEO: Al Fardan Group
Board Member: Commercial Bank of Qatar

Nasser Rashid Sraiya Al-Kaabi

Vice Chairman: QIMD
Board Member: Qatar Islamic Bank

Rasheed Nasser Al Kaabi

Vice Chairman: Sraiya Group
Board Member: QIIC, QIIB

Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi

Chairman: Industries Qatar, Qatargas
Board Member: Qatar Petroleum, QIA

Turki Mohammed Al Khater

Chairman: UDC
President: General Retirement and Pension Authority
Board Member: Ooredoo

Mohamed Ali Al Kubaisi

Vice Chairman: Mazaya
Board Member: QIPCO, Mannai

Ali Ahmad Al Kuwari

Board Member: Milaha, Nakilat

Ghanim Sultan Al Kuwari

Chairman: Investment Holding
Owns: 26.2% of Investment Holding

Abdullah Saleh Al Mana

Chairman: Redco Construction – Almana

Hisham Saleh Al Mana

Chairman: Al Mana

Omar Hamad Al Mana

Chairman: Al Mana Group

Saud Omar Al Mana

Vice Chairman: Al Mana Group
Board Member: ZAD Holding, Doha Insurance

Abdul Rahman Essa Al Mannai

Chairman: Teyseer Group

Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Mannai

Vice Chairman: Industries Qatar
Board Member: Mesaieed

Abdulla Fahad Al Marri

Chairman: Qatar First Bank

Nasser Jaralla Al Marri 

Chairman: Masraf Al Rayan
Board Member: UDC, Vodafone Qatar

Abdullah Nasser Al Misnad

Chairman: Vodafone Qatar, The Investors
Vice Chairman: Al Khalij Commercial Bank

Issa Mohamed Al Mohannadi

Vice Chairman: Barwa
Board Member: Qatar Airways

Rashid Fahad Al Naimi

Chairman: Mazaya
Board Member: Vodafone Qatar

Salem bin Butti Al Nuaimi

Chairman: National Cement Company
Vice Chairman: National Leasing

Ali Mohamed Al Obaidli

Chairman: Widam Food

Khalifa Khalid Al Rabban

Chairman: Al Rabban Holding

Ali Hussain Al Sada

Owns: 10% of Dlala
Board Member: QNB, Dlala

Mohammed Saleh Al Sada

Minister: Energy and Industry
: QEWC, Nakilat, Qatar Petroleum
Board Member: Qatar Foundation

Jaber Hajjaj Al Shahwani

Chairman: Dlala

Ahmad Saif Al Sulaiti

Chairman: Mesaieed, Woqod
Vice Chairman: Nakilat

Jassim Saif Al Sulaiti

Minister: Transport and Communications
Vice Chairman: Qatar Rail
Board Member: Qatar Airways

Abdul Rahman Mohammed Jabor Al Thani

Chairman: Qatar Oman, Qatar Industrial Manufacturing
Board Member: Doha Bank

Abdul Rahman Nasser Jassim Al Thani

Chairman: Redco Group

Abdulla Fahad Jassem Al Thani

Chairman: Gulf Warehousing

Abdullah Nasser Khalifa Al Thani

Minister: Interior and PM
Chairman: Qatar Rail

Abdullah Ali Jabor Al Thani

Chairman: Commercial Bank of Qatar
Vice Chairman: National Bank of Oman

Abdullah Hamad Khalifa Al-Thani

Deputy Emir
Qatar Investment Authority

Abdullah Khalifa Hamad Al Thani

Chairman: QIPCO

Abdullah Hamad Khalifa Al-Thani

Chairman: Ooredoo
Vice Chairman: QNB

Abdullah Mohammed Jabor Al Thani

Chairman: Al Khaleej Takaful
Board Member: Doha Bank

Abdullah Hamad Khalifa Al-Thani

Chairman: QIIC, Medicare
Vice Chairman: Ezdan, QIIB

Abdulrahman Saud Fahad Al Thani

Chairman: QCB, QDB
Board Member: Milaha, Qatar Insurance, QNB

Ahmed Jassim Mohamed Al-Thani

Minister: Economy and Commerce
Vice Chairman: Qatar Petroleum, QIA

Ali Ghanim Ali Al Thani

Vice Chairman: Ghanem Holding
Board Member: QIB, Ooredoo

Ali Hamad Khaled Al Thani

Chairman: HBK

Fahed Mohammed Jabor Al Thani

Chairman: Doha Bank
Board Member: Al Khaleej Takaful

Faisal AbdulAziz Jassim Al Thani

Chairman: Ahli Bank

Faisal Qassim Al Thani

Chairman: Al Faisal Holding, AAmal
Owns: 28% of Aaamal

Falah Jassim Jabor Al Thani

Chairman: National Leasing
Board Member: Doha Bank

Hamad Abdulla Khalifa Al Thani

Chairman: Mannai
Board Member: QIPCO

Hamad Faisal Thani Al Thani

Chairman: Al Khalij Commercial Bank
Vice Chairman: The Investors
Board Member: Qatar Insurance, Vodafone Qatar

Jabor Hamad Jassim Al Thani

Chairman: Al Mirqab Group
Board Member: Doha Insurance

Jassim Hamad Jassim Al Thani

Chairman: Milaha, QIB
Board Member: Qatar Insurance

Khalid Khalifa Jassim Al Thani

Chairman: Qatari Diar, Gulf International
Vice Chairman: Milaha

Khalid Thani Abdullah Al Thani

Chairman: Ezdan, QIIB

Mohamed Faisal Qassim Al Thani

Vice Chairman: Al Faisal Holding, Aamal
Board Member: Al Khalij Commercial Bank

Mohammed Ali Saud Al Thani

Vice Chairman: General Insurance
Owns: 5.6% of General Insurance

Nasser Ali Saud Al Thani

Chairman: General Insurance
Vice Chairman: Ahli Bank
Owns: 6.3% of General Insurance

Nawaf Nasser Khaled Al Thani

Chairman: NBK, Doha Insurance
Board Member: Salam International

Suhaim Abdulla Khalifa Al Thani

Vice Chairman: Mannai
Board Member: QIPCO

Talal Mohammed Jabor Al Thani

Vice Chairman: ZAD Holding
Owns: 5.6% of ZAD Holding

Hassan Abdulla Hassan Al Thawadi

Secretary General: Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy
Board Member: QIIB, Qatar Rail, Katara Hospitality

Adel Ali Bin Ali

Chairman: Ali Bin Ali
Board Member: Doha Insurance, Milaha, QEWC

Bader Abdullah Darwish Fakhroo

Chairman: Darwish Holding
Board Member: QNB

Saoud Abdul Aziz Al Darwish

Vice Chairman: Darwish Holding
Board Member: Qatar Cinema

Ahmed Abdul Rahman Fakhroo

Chairman: Qatar Cinema
Board Member: Ahli Bank

Jassim Mohammed Al Jaidah

Chairman: Jaidah Group
Board Member: Qatar Insurance

Yousif Hussein Kamal

Owns: 6% of QIMD, 7.6% of Doha Insurance
Board Member: Qatar Museums

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